Teaching Philosophy


Learning is a mechanism for human survival, and teaching is the catalyst. It is the long standing profession that has served to perpetuate human greatness, and its benefits transcend generations. It is one of the few professions that serve to invest in the future by investing in the learner. Given this framework, teaching is a powerful tool in which I have immense respect for. Every classroom contact hour is an opportunity to encourage a student that is journeying through academic self-discovery. As an educator, I embrace the charge to guide students through their scholastic endeavors by challenging and inspiring students to reach their maximum potential.

My teaching style is one that attempts to engage learning through multiple entry points. Thus, I deliver my content in both didactic and interactive methods. I also enjoy engaging the classroom by speaking with conviction and providing students with practical skills for immediate application of knowledge. I believe one of the most important teaching skills is having passion about what you teach. This skill is especially important in social work in order to reinvigorate critical thinking, awaken the disenchanted, and build empathy.

As an educator that will impact the lives of future generations through the education of social work practitioners, teaching is the vehicle I will use to uphold six core values of the social work profession. These core values are service, social justice, dignity and worth of a person, integrity, competence and the importance of human relationships. These values have and will be interwoven in my research agenda which has on overarching focus on equity in education for historically disenfranchised populations.